Portfolio > Fragments of the Past (2008)

In the photographic series, “Fragments of the Past” (2008), I examined objects and spaces from my childhood. Miniature dollhouse interiors are juxtaposed with rooms from my childhood home, inspired by childhood and adult experiences. These objects and spaces become vehicles to help reference memories and the past inside my photographs. However, I’m not concerned with the accuracy of the memory, but how the story is told. Usually, photographs only show what is visible, but what is most apparent in this series is the invisible. When I photographed these spaces, I paid close attention to what has been left behind. I’m interested in how spaces change as we get older. As an adult, I’m fascinated by how rooms and objects seem miniature in comparison to how they were as a child. By using aerial and worm’s eye perspectives, I attempt to create both the viewpoint of the child and adult.

My interest lies in the artificiality of these spaces. Elements such as a broken window, grime, debris and dust intrigue me. These elements take away from the preciousness of the miniature and thereby making the miniature home seem real and less artificial. I’m interested in the way the dollhouse interiors start to mimic the interiors in my childhood home. By using fragmentary close-ups and scale distortion, as well showing surface wear and grime, I intend to evoke an ominous atmosphere full of chaos and unpredictability. I attempt to create moments that leave the viewer wondering: what happened here?

Artist Statement: Fragments of the Past